EC2011: Topics in applied econometrics

You can find course materials on the Blackboard.

This class has five "data sessions". These sessions show how to download, clean and run simple econometric analysis of some widely used survey data, includingthe Current Population Survey (CPS), (UK) Quarterly Labour Force Survey (LFS), Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID), the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLS). I mainly use Mincer's earnings equation as an example.

Download handout, do files, data here.

NOTE: you need to the change working directory to run the included do files. Taking Session1_CPS for example, the directory Session1_CPS was saved under ~/Dropbox/Teaching/EC2011/DataSessions/ directory in my computer. So I let Stata set the working directory (see line 12 of ~/Dropbox/Teaching/EC2011/DataSessions/Session1_CPS/Mincer_CPS/Stata/ to the following.

cd "~/Dropbox/Teaching/EC2011/DataSessions/Session1_CPS/"

If you saved Session1_CPS folded under ~/somewhere/ directory, you should change the above line to

cd ~/somewhere/Session1_CPS/